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Benefits of Joomla Content management System 0


A website represents the online identity of any business enterprise, so the decision related to website design should be taken very carefully, as it can play a very important role to generate the revenues or profit margins for any organization. According to a recent research, there is huge demand for the professionals, who can convert designs of PSD to XHTML format, as it is one of the most important steps to get the presence of any application on the web.

Appropriate PSD to HTML conversion is one of the essential phases of web development that help to render the images faster on the internet with the proper layouts. There are some organizations, which outsource the conversion of psd files to html formats to the other companies due to the lack of time.

Joomla is one of the most powerful and freeware content management software tools that help you to control most of your website related work efficiently. The reason for its popularity is based on its simplicity and efficiency, as it is designed to benefit the web users in such a great way by reducing the time of web development and maintenance.

There are following benefits that you can avail by using joomla tool in your web applications:

  • Better Performance: If you have a little less knowledge in web designing, then joomla would be the best tool for you to develop the astonishing web applications.
  • More Control on Content: it provides more control on your website’s content, as you can modify it efficiently with in very less time duration.
  • Advancement in Technology: You can easily modify your website according to the web 2.0 standards through this powerful tool, which can help your website visitors to respond quickly for your products.
  • Advanced Features: With the help of numerous add-ons of joomla, you can integrate the various advanced features such as shopping carts, forums or other blogs into your web application.
  • Converting PSD to Joomla template: You can easily covert your various design formats such as psd, gif, png to joomla template, which provides the professional appearance to your web pages.

Hence, Joomla would be the best tool for your choice, if you want to develop a professional looking website with the useful web content. In addition, it saves a lot of development time of your developers that you can use on other productive tasks.

Conversion of PSD to XHTML Format and benefits of table-less design 0


XHTML is an advanced version of HTML to display the web pages, and HTML is replaced with XHTML in the field of web development. XHTML is a combination of HTML and XML, which facilitates the web developers to give the definitions to their HTML elements in the presentation logic of the web applications.

Photoshop is known as the best tool for the image editing, and in order to create a web design through it, we usually save the files with the extension of PSD. In addition, PSD to XHTML Conversion is one of the very important phases of web development, and it is a process of arranging the images of web templates into the XHTML format.

There are many service providers available online, who offer the conversion of your psd files to html format or assist you to Convert Images to HTML.

Tables happened to be the very important components for the web designing, but with the new techniques and software tools, web development field is evolving day by day. WordPress is also one of the most powerful and open source dynamic publishing tools to maintain the websites efficiently, and you can very easily convert your PSD to Wordpress theme with the table-less format.

Now days most of the web developers have started to design the web pages through tables less method whereby the page layout is achieved without the use of HTML tables.
A table-less design can help you to integrate your psd file into xhtml format with its following benefits:

Less Time Consuming: It is easier to arrange the web images into XHTML format, as table-less web design format is based on simplicity with more efficiency, which saves the precious time of web developers.

Multi Browser Support: The table-less web designs are supported by the most of the browsers, which provide consistency in the layout across the various web browsers.

Easy Slices: It is easy to cut the slices of your psd, if you are cutting them for the table-less format.

Light Weight Applications: The applications made from the table-less format are usually very light on the internet due to the appropriate placements of images.

Easy SEO Optimization: According to a recent research, the website developed with the table-less format can be searched easily on the various search engines due to their clean and well-formatted design.

Unnecessary Code: The unnecessary code is removed by the use of CSS and XHTML in the table less design.

So, if you are planning to convert your psd file into xhtml format or creating a table-less web design, then the above-mentioned measures would help you to accomplish your goal efficiently.