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It Is Better To Outsource Your PSD to Wordpress Conversion Services 0


Wordpress undoubtedly provides the most successful CMS platform as it has largely emerged from being a mere blogging tool to being a highly customized and powerful content management tool. The process of PSD to wordpress conversion requires some keen technical knowledge which cannot be possessed by everyone. Due to this, outsourcing such services prove out to be a better option.

The main reason to implement a CMS like wordpress in PSD conversion process is to bring in more customization. When it is implemented by an outsourced company then the purpose of customization is solved to the notch as then a firm can get their web portal designed exactly in the way they want.

Moreover, when you outsource your conversion processes like PSD to XHTML or wordpress to professional firms and personnels you tend to bring in more efficiency for the process. This is for the reason that such firms and developers carry expertise in stages of slicing, coding and integration.

All this technical knowledge will provide you high-quality and technically sound websites that will naturally attain better positions on search engines and massive popularity amongst the users. All these outsource firms also completely take care of the maintenance portion of your website. This implies that after creating the website, their services still continue to keep the website on good position and free from hassles.

Apart from all these factors, the most important advantage provided by outsourcing PSD conversion processes is cost cutting. The prices charged by outsourcing firms definitely prove out to be much cheaper then hiring a new developer for the purpose or getting the task done yourself.

Important Features of PSD to XHTML 0


Conversion of PSD based design to HTML is the most important process before launching a website on the internet. Therefore it is highly important that it is done properly so that website can properly function on the web browsers.

Read some of the main features of PSD to XHTML are:

It is highly significant to have a W3C validated website in order to ensure that a website you are working on is bases on web standards and is free from all the possible errors. This will prevent the website from any type of fault to be occurred.

Having compatibility with cross browser is another important feature. There is no use of developing a website, which cannot be accessed from different browsers. A professional PSD to HTML expert gives assurance of smooth functioning of website in all types of browsers such as IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and many others.

While converting PSD or image to HTML make sure that entire process should take place step by step and in right manner as performance of a website is very much depends upon the conversion. And if one is looking for a service provider, it is advisable to check their past records and portfolio. It is always good to take advice of an expert before converting PSD to XHTML. There are some professionals who use manual conversion and hardly take assistance of automated conversion software.

Pixel conversion perfection is very important while converting an image to HTML. This helps appear the websites to look pixel perfect in different browsers.

Clean and accurate code structure is another significant feature of conversion of PSD to HTML. The coding and naming patterns should be well organised and have defined beginning from the file names to the Ids given to the files within CSS.

Reasons to Prefer XHTML Conversion over HTML 0


The preferable choice of markup languages like HTML/XHTML plays a very important role in forming the basis for PSD to CSS conversion. This is for the reason that the style sheet of a website is created in accordance to the elements of the markup language being used. The two most popular conversion processes in this category are PSD to HTML and PSD to XHTML. Both these markup languages possess their unique and strong characters that are separately utilized by different set of developers.

HTML is the most commonly used mark up language that has been used by the developers for many years. However, with changing times HTML has lost its significance as it is said to lack some essential modern day features that allow developers to innovate web designs. Due to this reason, XHTML was brought into existence by experts. XHTML is an HTML extension that has been strategically combined with the useful features of XML language. Considering the useful features of XHTML also led many developers to go for HTML to XHTML conversion as a part of their website redesigning process.

Now, after the launch of XHTML, a debate started amongst the developers as which markup language proves out to be better for converting PSD designs. Let us study some fundamental differences between these two conversion processes to decide which one is better.

Firstly, HTML is a SGML based hyper text markup language while XHTML is a predecessor of XML as mentioned earlier. The difference that lies here is that a SGML based markup language like HTML provides the liberty to omit certain tags but with an XML based markup language; none of the tags can be omitted. HTML also permits using attribute maximization where as XHTML strictly prohibits its usage. If one wishes to use shorthand notation for empty elements then its possible with XHTML but not with HTML. In terms of relative strictness, XHTML is considered much better in comparison of HTML. XHTML also wins the battle as far as nesting of semantic codes is concerned.

Image to HTML conversion also lacks interoception of the website with other file formats that restricts the site to a large extent. However, with the clutter free and clean coding of XHTML not only does the website enjoy better compatibility with other file formats but it also helps in taking the webpage creation to a higher level. All these features thus imply that PSD to XHTML conversion proves out to be better than HTML conversion.

Advantages of PSD to Wordpress Conversion 0


Wordpress is a strong and powerful CMS system due to which 90% of the web developers today use this tool to make their website more effective and attractive. With the help of wordpress, developers can easily and quickly manage, update, edit, publish, control or remove contents and elements from a website. It also facilitates large number of wordpress template and themes for any particular website, taking the quality of its designs to another level. Due to this, most of the developers prefer to choose the process of PSD to Wordpress conversion over any other CMS tool.

PSD conversion is an important process in the development of any website. It is basically a native file format based on Abode Photoshope designs. This means that such files do not have any kind of coding and thus they are not suitable for being loading on a website. To load these designs on a live website, they firstly have to be converted into a file with HTML coding. This is done by converting it into a strong CMS. In this process, developers strive to convert in into such a CMS that not only provide it with HTML coding but also makes it more dynamic and attractive.

This clearly explains that the quality of a web design largely depends on its CMS. This is why most of the developers prefer to choose wordpress for converting their PSD designs into HTML coded ones. PSD to Wordpress conversion provides advantages like smooth navigation, logical HTML coding, search engine optimization features for the website, cross browser compatibility, and much more.