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Convert Html to Xhtml for Removing Unnecessary Tags 0


At times the requirement of converting HTML to XHTML requires as blog engines reject HTML website due to their bulkiness and unnecessary tags.  XHTML, which is short form of Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language, is a better version of HTML 4.0. It is an XML based 4.0 Hyper Text Markup Language. W3C, which is responsible for standardisation of web protocols, has three types of XHTML documents, which are used by XML Document Type Definition (DTD).

The document Strict is used an XHTML files lack all formatting tags such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and font, which are meant for presentation of a website. The translational document allows web developers to use presentation tags in the document. It is an easy and safe mode of implementing presentation elements, as most of the web pages carry several presentation tags. Frameset are in XHTML documents for designing frames.

The HTML language supports certain attributes in the website that have no rules. XHTML does not entertain empty or compact attributes, whereas compact attribute is largely found in HTML. Many people prefer to convert PSD to HTML for creating user friendly websites.  Since the better several of HTML has come in the market, website owners preferring Xhtml programming language to increase websites usability and functionality.  If you also want a great XHTML website, you can buy software that can easily do this work for you.  If you cannot find it then hire convert HTML to XHTML service providers, who can easily do this for you at reasonable rates.

Advantages of Converting PSD to XHTML 0


Converting PSD-to-XHTML services are extremely popular nowadays. More and more websites owners prefer to convert PSD to XHTML programming language as it offers them updated websites with advanced features.  This type of conversion offers several benefits to the users, here are some.

  • This conversion is beneficial for those who want to develop commercial website, which requires converting graphic design into templates used in content management systems such as Drupal and Joomla, shopping carts, corporate blog, etc.
  • Conversion from PSD to XHTML offers better mark up quality which results in great website, hence better client satisfaction.
  • XHMTL programming language improves efficiency, usability and flexibility of a website.
  • For converting an image file, one does not need to learn different programming languages such as HTML, CSS, XHTML, AJAX, etc.
  • XHTML gives a professional looks to a website or blog. Created with this programming language websites perform better on search engines and internet browsers.
  • XHTML validation eradicates all the errors in validation of HTML programming language as per W3C standards. An XHTML website itself is a seal of approval as per WWW Consortium Standards.
  • Due to the presence of semantic coding in a website, it ranks better on various search engines.
  • XHTML/CSS templates and themes are very much in trend and people across the nations preferring XHTML websites for improved functionality and flexibility.

There are various PSD to XHTML conversion service providers in the markets, which offer this service at reasonable rates. If you are wishing to hire one, it is advised to spare some time in research for excellent services.