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PSD to Opencart conversion is best for large online shopping solutions 0


Developing a website for your online shopping cart solution, the most important thing you need to take care of is to make your website more accessible. PSD to Opencart conversion is a preferred method to make your ecommerce solutions an impressive layout with quality functions on your website.

This open source shopping cart solution has numerous advantages that can work towards your benefit. Some of many functional features of Opencart are listed below.

• Compatibility with various browsers and platforms

• SEO friendly coding

• Light weight and precise CSS coding

• Customized services

From the point of view of a consumer coming to your ecommerce website to make a purchase, the PCI compliant system of Opencart supports various languages currencies, payment modes, and tax rates. A PSD to Opencart integration caters high extensibility for an online shopping website. Highly extensible feature includes adding unlimited categories, products, information, and pages as per your convenience. This feature is quite beneficial if your business is offering a large variety of products through a single portal.

Since Opencart conversion has precise and semantic coding, your website or ecommerce solution will better serve your business requirements in an organized and effective manner. Moreover, an SEO-friendly template, Opencart will also assist your website in getting high ranking with better visibility on search engine results. This feature is an added bonus for your e-business owing to a competitive market and so many alternatives for consumers readily available today. Expert web developers are taking up projects to install and configure Opencart template for any kind of online business.

Why use PSD to CSS XHTML conversion 0


For any contemporary website, graphics and design form an important aspect for it to leave an impression on the visitor. The use of PSD or Photoshop files was made in order to make the website for appealing for the viewer. However, PSD files are large and require ample loading time. Thus, giving rise to the need of PSD to CSS / XHTML conversion.

Cascading Style Sheet or CSS is a language that is used for describing the semantic coding of design and graphic styling for a webpage or a document written in mark-up language. With the help of this conversion, it becomes easier for a website to display its content with uniformity.

One of the major benefits of converting from PSD to cascading style sheet template is that it separates the design and graphics from the content on a website. Because of this conversion, it becomes easier to make several modifications or changes in later course of time.

If you are planning to establish an ecommerce store or develop an online business, then using a Zen Shopping cart development platform is considered a good alternative. This system will cater your website maximum functionality without hampering with its quality. It is easy to install and use and can provides as an open source shopping cart solution for your online business.

Moreover, web developers also offer customized templates and ample support with multiple payment gateways. Today, various companies are offering ecommerce solutions to entrepreneurs, irrespective of the size and nature of their business.

Benefit of XHTML validation for a website 0


Extensible Hypertext Markup language or commonly referred as XHTML is a language most widely used in web development. It is also considered as an XML based extension of Hypertext markup language. You may wonder the importance of XHTML for your website. With the help of this language, a proper structure and quality can be given to your website and its content.

XHTML validation is important for any website to ensure an optimum level of standard. The process of validation is done to ensure that the code used for the website complies with different syntax rules and regulations. In a way, the process is beneficial in order to verify a document. Validation of an XHTML document will bring forth all the errors that are present in the document along with error location.

For creating an innovative and impressive design for your website, the expertise of a qualified web developer is pivotal. With quality designs and developmental tools, an expert can bring about a much-needed appeal to your website. Using PSD files on your website is impressive; however, these files are not web browser-friendly. Because of heavy PSD files on your website, loading a website can become very time-consuming.

Developers use PSD to CSS conversion on a website to improve quality of a website. CSS or Cascading Style Sheet is a useful method to differentiate content of a website from its design elements. With the help of CSS, a developer can choose styling, fonts, and backdrop colors for the entire website, thus, enhancing the quality of your website.