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Give your customers an amazing ecommerce website with PrestaShop 0


An online shopping website, which is technically referred as an ecommerce website, needs to be well-designed; visually appealing and manageable to help you and your customers enjoy an easy experience. The website must also be search engine friendly and must abide with the individual personality of your business. The numbers of tools that have now surfaced to help in accomplishing this task are many. PrestaShop is just one such tool that can help in getting you a website that is easily manageable and is backed with the most advanced features to help your customers get a hassle free shopping experience, anytime they want. PSD to PrestaShop conversion services has thus become a very popular search phrase, which many web development companies have started offering in the current scenario.

PSD to PrestaShop integration have mushroomed as one of the best solutions to get an online shopping website that is well developed, professional, and business-centric. Most such companies offer the service that encompasses hand coded HTML/XHML/CSS markups that are all SEO semantic, W3C validated and compatible with multiple browsers. This can thus help in getting a website that ideally fits in ‘tomorrow’s’ requirements. Being a foolproof solution it can help in engineering websites that are future proof and which you can rely on completely to experience shopping with ease, convenience, and comfort.

Therefore, if you too are one of those people searching for a website that can help in adding greatly to your leads conversion ratio, then switch to PrestaShop- the choicest tool in the recent times with a future proof coat.

Get PSD to CSS conversion and more such services at most web development companies 0


The field for web designing and development is fast growing and many new tools and services keep finding place in here to offer improved and more intuitive solutions. Just one such tool that packs ample potential to cover for the concerns raised by web design and development currently is PSD to XHTML conversion and more. People think they can convert PSD to XHTML by self and much easily. In reality, taking help from developers is essential. These pros just require the PSD images that are to be converted and the format in which the client’s needs the same. Depending on demand, professionals can easily convert PSD into HTML, XHTML or more.

Businesses of all sizes can get the service just when needed and at the best prices. There are many companies out there, which offer the service, just finding the ideal one is needed.

In addition, the pros here offer not just PSD to XHTML, but PSD to CSS

conversion and conversion into many more formats. The services can be easily availed at high quality and very low prices, if searching is done meticulously.

The key lies in finding the right service provider, who can easily remove difficulties from this technical need. Hiring a company, just because the same is offering low budget services must be avoided, as in the end it can only add to the problems, rather than bringing these down.

So, get going and get images and more converted from any to any format at one such reliable service company out there.

How Conversion From Image To Html is Carried Out? 0


The market of internet has changed dramatically with the tools and techniques that are now being used for an effective outcome as per client’s interest. It is very important to know basic of the tools that are associated with the conversion. Some good technical skills are required to convert image to HTML. Moreover, usage of images is one of the basic requirements of any such tool. It is very important to optimize images, so that it will not go into the spam folder. The weight of images is an essential thing and should be minimized in order to download a copy of document easily. To make this thing possible usage of Photoshop is always advised. Second thing that should be kept in mind is that the resolution of picture should not be more than seventy-two. After this, the images can easily be saved for websites.

Other things associated with the conversion of image to HTML are that some space should be given in an email and the coding should be highlighted. Highlighting the code of any such image can easily make a user to click the link. In addition, putting more and more color in the background of an email can also help in this regard. Using such a technique is useful at the times when display option of a mail is turned off, but looking at different colors can prompt a user to read out for the content written that too just by clicking on the mail. Moreover, this idea is best to get some error free codes, which are easy to understand.

Slicing PSD to HTML: Why is it important? 0


Every web designer keeps the web templates readily available to them to clients when required. As we all know that the templates are just for the samples as how the website will look once it will get completed. The templates are not easy to integrate as they are hug in size and it is not possible to incorporate heavy files in a website, otherwise the website will take lots of time to download on the web. To reduce the size of the files designers use slicing PSD to HTML software and slice the portion of a template as per his requirements. Slicing is mainly done for making conversion of file easy. A designer slices the layout, image, buttons, etc for coding. There is software available in the market for slicing the temple; however, a web designer can also use photo shop slice tool for slicing the layout.

The slicing of image reduces the size of the file to a great extent and then coding become easy. Once the images are sliced, the web designers saves the files from different names and these files then converted into HTML codes to be integrated in a website. Convert image to html is an important process as without this it is not possible to make a user friendly, search engines compatible and cross browser friendly. Without slicing the image, it is not possible to think about converting a huge temple into codes. With the easy slicing tools and software, it has become possible for a web designer to slice web templates neatly and perfectly.

Advantages of PSD to Wordpress Conversion 0


Wordpress is a strong and powerful CMS system due to which 90% of the web developers today use this tool to make their website more effective and attractive. With the help of wordpress, developers can easily and quickly manage, update, edit, publish, control or remove contents and elements from a website. It also facilitates large number of wordpress template and themes for any particular website, taking the quality of its designs to another level. Due to this, most of the developers prefer to choose the process of PSD to Wordpress conversion over any other CMS tool.

PSD conversion is an important process in the development of any website. It is basically a native file format based on Abode Photoshope designs. This means that such files do not have any kind of coding and thus they are not suitable for being loading on a website. To load these designs on a live website, they firstly have to be converted into a file with HTML coding. This is done by converting it into a strong CMS. In this process, developers strive to convert in into such a CMS that not only provide it with HTML coding but also makes it more dynamic and attractive.

This clearly explains that the quality of a web design largely depends on its CMS. This is why most of the developers prefer to choose wordpress for converting their PSD designs into HTML coded ones. PSD to Wordpress conversion provides advantages like smooth navigation, logical HTML coding, search engine optimization features for the website, cross browser compatibility, and much more.