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An online shopping website, which is technically referred as an ecommerce website, needs to be well-designed; visually appealing and manageable to help you and your customers enjoy an easy experience. The website must also be search engine friendly and must abide with the individual personality of your business. The numbers of tools that have now surfaced to help in accomplishing this task are many. PrestaShop is just one such tool that can help in getting you a website that is easily manageable and is backed with the most advanced features to help your customers get a hassle free shopping experience, anytime they want. PSD to PrestaShop conversion services has thus become a very popular search phrase, which many web development companies have started offering in the current scenario.

PSD to PrestaShop integration have mushroomed as one of the best solutions to get an online shopping website that is well developed, professional, and business-centric. Most such companies offer the service that encompasses hand coded HTML/XHML/CSS markups that are all SEO semantic, W3C validated and compatible with multiple browsers. This can thus help in getting a website that ideally fits in ‘tomorrow’s’ requirements. Being a foolproof solution it can help in engineering websites that are future proof and which you can rely on completely to experience shopping with ease, convenience, and comfort.

Therefore, if you too are one of those people searching for a website that can help in adding greatly to your leads conversion ratio, then switch to PrestaShop- the choicest tool in the recent times with a future proof coat.

Implementing Image Slicing is Beneficial 1


Images and graphics enhance the presentation of the website. It offers a visual medium to present the information and data before the users. Images including various designs and logo of the company are important to the website. The Photoshop offers a convenient platform for the web developers to create and edit the various designs and images. However, in order to integrate such files in the website successfully, image slicing is an essential process. It can be defined as the process of breaking down the image file into numerable pieces and converting them to suitable codes so that they can be incorporated into an HTML website.

There are several online tools and software available for slicing the images. Slicing the images offer a wide range of benefits. The image can be stretched to fill the space. This enables the developers to place the content suitably so that the page has a neat and organized look. Another advantage offered by this technique is that the web pages take less time to render without compromising on the quality of the website. Developers prefer to use XHTML coding to reduce the number of errors in the web page. This improves the quality of the website.

XHTML or Extensible HyperText Markup Language is essentially an extension of HTML and is based on XML. The XHTML development enables many developers to create web pages as per the current web standards. XHTML coding is an efficient way to make sure that the website conforms to the regulations put forward by the W3C. There are several rules to be followed when coding in XHTML. The various tags used be properly nested and closed. The attribute names must be in lower case.

Convert PSD to XHTML for a Functional Website 0


Graphics and designs are equally important as information in a website. They add to the aesthetic appeal of the website and enable the users to understand in the information in a better way. Photoshop is an effective tool for designing and editing images and designs. For an effective website, the Photoshop files or the PSD files have to be converted to a format that is supported by the web browsers. Hence, an essential step in the web development is to convert PSD to XHTML.

Converting a PSD file to XHTML offers several benefits. A major advantage is that it makes the website search engine friendly. This is important in enabling the website secure a high rank in the result listing. Numerous firms offer competent services in PSD to XHTML conversions. The firms employ professionals who are proficient in the technology, which facilitate them to complete projects within the stipulated period. A well-designed website with quality XHTML coding generates more attention from online users. Such websites are easy to load.

XHTML or Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language is used to design dynamic and complex websites. XHTML validation ensures that the website is compliant with the rules set by the W3C. A website designed with correct XHTML codes ensures that the website is valid. This increases the online traffic towards the website and thus boosts the profits. Validation of the XHTML code enables the website to perform better. It makes sure that the coding is authentic and free from errors. As a result, the website offers uniform display in the web browsers.

A well-implemented website can encourage the existing customers to return and can also bring in new clients. This can prove effectual in helping the website build and expand its client base.

Convert Html to Xhtml for Removing Unnecessary Tags 0


At times the requirement of converting HTML to XHTML requires as blog engines reject HTML website due to their bulkiness and unnecessary tags.  XHTML, which is short form of Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language, is a better version of HTML 4.0. It is an XML based 4.0 Hyper Text Markup Language. W3C, which is responsible for standardisation of web protocols, has three types of XHTML documents, which are used by XML Document Type Definition (DTD).

The document Strict is used an XHTML files lack all formatting tags such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and font, which are meant for presentation of a website. The translational document allows web developers to use presentation tags in the document. It is an easy and safe mode of implementing presentation elements, as most of the web pages carry several presentation tags. Frameset are in XHTML documents for designing frames.

The HTML language supports certain attributes in the website that have no rules. XHTML does not entertain empty or compact attributes, whereas compact attribute is largely found in HTML. Many people prefer to convert PSD to HTML for creating user friendly websites.  Since the better several of HTML has come in the market, website owners preferring Xhtml programming language to increase websites usability and functionality.  If you also want a great XHTML website, you can buy software that can easily do this work for you.  If you cannot find it then hire convert HTML to XHTML service providers, who can easily do this for you at reasonable rates.

Benefits of PSD to Wordpress 0


As soon as new advancements are taking place in website development and designing, more and more convertors are being introduced in the market, which are used for converting PSD to wordpress, HTML, XHTML, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Converting file into from photo shop design to any other format is done to make it compatible across the main browsers. After the conversion of PSD, the design become faster and easy to upload on live website. The coding of converted files is more reliable and functional. The transformation of photo shop design to Wordpress coding allows the design to be noticed properly on websites, there are various benefits associated with Wordpress based conversion.

While converting PSD files to wordpress, developer keep all factors in mind regarding increasing ranking of website on search engines. Better ranking on search engines improves presence of website on the internet, which lead to more profits. This is one of the main benefits of converting PSD to content management system.

Wordpress is a strong platform for content management system and make editing and managing content on website easy for website owners. This allows them to add new content, layout and design to the website.

Conversion from PSD to wordpress also ensures validation for W3C, which is stand for W3 consortium. It is mandatory for every website; it can also be attained PSD to Joomla conversion.

Wordpress is known for its content management system function, which makes it easy to use even by a person, who doesn’t have technical knowledge.

Important Features of PSD to XHTML 0


Conversion of PSD based design to HTML is the most important process before launching a website on the internet. Therefore it is highly important that it is done properly so that website can properly function on the web browsers.

Read some of the main features of PSD to XHTML are:

It is highly significant to have a W3C validated website in order to ensure that a website you are working on is bases on web standards and is free from all the possible errors. This will prevent the website from any type of fault to be occurred.

Having compatibility with cross browser is another important feature. There is no use of developing a website, which cannot be accessed from different browsers. A professional PSD to HTML expert gives assurance of smooth functioning of website in all types of browsers such as IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and many others.

While converting PSD or image to HTML make sure that entire process should take place step by step and in right manner as performance of a website is very much depends upon the conversion. And if one is looking for a service provider, it is advisable to check their past records and portfolio. It is always good to take advice of an expert before converting PSD to XHTML. There are some professionals who use manual conversion and hardly take assistance of automated conversion software.

Pixel conversion perfection is very important while converting an image to HTML. This helps appear the websites to look pixel perfect in different browsers.

Clean and accurate code structure is another significant feature of conversion of PSD to HTML. The coding and naming patterns should be well organised and have defined beginning from the file names to the Ids given to the files within CSS.